• Learn Camtasia Video Training Course

    Learn Camtasia

    Learn Camtasia Video Training
    Discover how to use video as a powerful tool to accelerate your objective, whether it be in sales, opt-ins, services for clients, or just to get noticed! Come with us and we’ll show you how to take advantage of this incredible technology for successful online video campaigns. Learn More

    Video Training

    Powerpoint for Video
    PowerPoint For Video
    The PowerPoint For Video Tutorials are a 4 hour series of webinar recordings where Lon Naylor & Michelle Schoen demonstrate real world examples of how to use just the PowerPoint features you need go get amazing results with your videos. Learn More

    Screencast Video Coaching

    Screencast Video Coaching
    Screencast Video Coaching
    Are You a current Camtasia user who would like to take your video skills to the next level?
    What most people actually need to get quality videos done quickly is access to a mentor or coach that can not only give them constant feedback on their products but also continuously expose them to new ideas and techniques. Learn More

    Elearning Video Training

    elearning Elearning Video Training Templates
    If you would like to join the many successful Internet Entrepreneurs who are profiting from the demand for high quality instructional videos, we have a very inexpensive way for you to get started. Use our PowerPoint slides to create a template for your next tutorial or multi-lesson course.
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    Improve Your Videos

    Screencast Essentials: Top Tips to Bring Your Screencasts From “Lame to Fame”
    This is 4 hours worth of screencast training showing you what to do and what not to do to get the most professional looking screencasts. Here’s a sneak peek.

    Make Money With Screencasts

    Career in Screencasting A Career in Screencasting
    Ready to make marketing videos for your own business or your clients using a screencasting video tool like Camtasia? One of the highest paid skills to offer on the internet are those related to video production. For many people it can seem complex and intimidating, but with this training you will have a highly sought, in-demand skill that pays dividends over and over. There are so many different types of clients, like authors, coaches, information marketers and software developers that would love to create video for their business, but often lack the time and expertise to do so and that’s where you come in. Learn More

    Scripting & Storyboarding

    scripting and storyboarding The Science of Scripting & Storyboarding
    Most people have a tendency to jump straight into the development of a video, skipping the design and planning phase. However, in order to create professional videos, you need to write your script and storyboard before you even open up your video creation software! This course not only shows you the various styles and types of storyboards but, more importantly, you learn the How and Step by Steps of creating them.
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