“Finally! Coaching From Expert Mentors To Get Your Video Projects DONE Fast!”

    Attention: Internet Marketers, Educators, Software Developers, Training Specialists or ANYONE who is creating screencast videos:


    • You are creating Camtasia screencast videos…
    • You need to create “presentation style” videos using Microsoft PowerPoint…
    • You want to know how how the heck others make such cool looking videos…
    • Your boss or client is breathing down your neck to get your videos finished…
    • You know it’s possible to make a killing marketing with online video but…

    How’s That Goin’ For You??

    Dear Aspiring Video Creator,

    Hi, we’re Michelle Schoen and Lon Naylor of LearnCamtasia.com and we feel your pain! We know how quickly you can get stuck trying to create good videos because we’ve been there! After a collective 14 years of experience creating screencast and presentation videos, we’ve seen it all…and then some!

    Software like Camtasia and PowerPoint is easy to learn and use…but very quickly you will discover that it is NOT just a matter of pushing buttons. At LearnCamtasia.com we provide comprehensive training to create excellent videos and what we’ve learned from hundreds of students and customers over the last 4 years of teaching is that YOU very probably:

    Still have some questions about your video creation process?
    Need a little help troubleshooting from time to time?
    Feel like your videos are pretty good but still not at the level that you hoped to be?
    Wish you had some experienced screencasters to bounce ideas off?
    Want someone else to give you a professional critique of your videos?
    Want to learn about new techniques and resources but just don’t have the time to do all the research?

    Luckily, We Have A Solution!

    What most people actually need to get quality videos done quickly is access to a mentor or coach.

    • You WILL have unique questions that need specific answers
    • Every video project is slightly different and NO training program can address every possible situation
    • You probably “don’t even know…WHAT you don’t know!”
    • What if you just had an expert you could ASK?
    How about someone that constantly comes up with new ideas and techniques?

    And others want the accountability we provide as a coach to get their videos started and completed as efficiently as possible.


    As a member, you get:

    • Weekly LIVE Webinar with Michelle Schoen and Lon Naylor to walk you through any issues and questions you are having with Camtasia or your Screencast creation
    • Monthly special Webinars, Interviews with top video producers and case studies.
    • Full access to the Learn Camtasia Private Discussion group where you can get video critiques, share roadblocks and chart your progress
    • An archive of over 150 previously recorded sessions where we share topics such as:
    • Easy ways to find high paying work as a screencaster
    • How to speed up your video tutorial process
    • The best resources for stock photos, video intros and Royalty free
    • Maximizing the use of animations where appropriate
    • Rapid E learning techniques for turning classroom training into Web based courses
    • Top resources for PowerPoint templates
    • Great examples of E-learning to use as templates for video tutorials
    • Tricks to turn those boring bullet points into interesting engaging training
    • How video creators learn to focus and get their products done
    • How to create sales pages and market your videos
    • And plenty more…..
    What Our Members Say:
    Remember that ONE teacher you had in school? The one that actually could make things make sense to you? The one you could ask any question and get an answer that made everything “click”…getting you over the hurdle and “unstuck”? That’s what we do…and we do it very well!

    “Click on the video below to watch my review of Lon & Michelle’s coaching program…”


    Kim Larocque

    “Creates an engaging learning experience!”

    I have rarely found an instructor or trainer who can create an engaging learning experience with multiple students while managing the technology of online learning. Michelle’s instructional techniques using the Camtasia product are exceptional.

    Michele Haywood PHD
    Senior Instructor

    “Outstanding models of how videos need to be made”

    It was great to have access to the two instructors during the live webinars and a membership where we learned the skills needed to make high quality videos via video instruction. Lon’s instructional videos are outstanding models of how videos need to be made.

    Tim Weston

    “There’s no other deal around where I can learn this much for so little!”

    Michelle and Lon are real-world pros with Camtasia. The sessions and resources go way beyond anything you’ll find anywhere else. Michelle and Lon are incredible at teaching Camtasia, answering questions and helping you to develop projects that are a cut above anything else. They’re real pros and they share everything they know to help members. I can’t believe how much you deliver in resources, materials and instruction for the price!

    Shawn Lock

    Oh Wait, We Almost Forgot. You Also Get…

    Accountability Calls

    Do you have trouble just getting your videos started, getting yourself motivated to keep going or getting completed?
    We have accountability calls where you can volunteer to get in the “hot seat”. We will set up an action plan with commitment dates for you to get those videos done!

    You will post your progress in the private members forum and we will check in with you weekly. There isn’t a better way for you to finally get those videos released!

    Sneak Peak Product Access

    When we create a new product, we let our monthly subscribers get a sneak peak at it before we release it to the public. We love hearing the feedback and get some nice testimonials along the way. We consider this one of the top “perks” of being a member.

    All For ZERO Risk!

    If you don’t vastly improve your Camtasia and/or PowerPoint videos, within the next 30 days, we demand you fire us and get a prompt, no hassle, no questions asked refund.

    But we’re super confident you’ll stay in, you’ll implement our tips and shortcuts, and you’ll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you’ve accomplished by being in our Coaching & Support group.

    Screecast Video Coaching


    Receive continued coaching every week
    for $47 per month.


    Never worry about monthly payments!

    Pay a “one time” annual fee to receive coaching
    every week for a year at the low price of $197.

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    P.S. After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the recorded Q and A videos in the next few minutes. You’ll receive an invitation to join us for the weekly live webinar, for one hour each session, each and every week as long as you wish to stay a member.

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