Camtasia Studio 8 – Animation 101

Camtasia Studio 8 has the ability to add animations to almost any element (except audio) you can place on the timeline.

Rather handy except that, while in fact it isn’t difficult, it does confuse lots of folks when they actually try to use them.

In this screencast tutorial, Lon Naylor shows some tips to help you “wrap your heard around” Camtasia animations:

Here are the basic steps:

1. Choose the element you want to animate

2. Configure the Initial State – i.e. position, size, rotation, etc.

3. Move the play head to approximately where the animation should be fully complete

4. From the Visual Properties tab, click the Add Animation Button

5. Move, resize, rotate (or whatever you want the animation to do) the element to the animation End State – i.e. animation is completed

6. Adjust the animation duration, start & end times, etc.

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  1. Chris Guld
    5 years ago

    Aha! It’s only ONE animation! Makes so much sense when you explain it. I don’t do animations much because they didn’t make sense. I will try again now. Thanks so much.

    • Lon Naylor
      5 years ago

      Excellent Chris! Let me know what other questions you might have when you try so I can refine the tutorial even more.

      Lon Naylor

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