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From: Michelle Schoen & Lon Naylor

RE: Look Like a Pro With Your Next Camtasia 8 Screencasting Video

Does this sound like you?

You’re Ready to Create…

A set of video tutorials of a full blown training course for your school or new product

A software demo for an easy sales presentation

A video combining you and your PowerPoint slides to create a more personal relationship with your subscribers


You know your videos should only take hours to edit… instead, they’re taking you weeks or months

It takes you 25 takes to create your screen recording– when it “should” take you just one

Your competitors and peers put out professional looking videos that seem to always look better, and make more money, than yours

You’re having trouble just getting started because you’re not sure where to start!

Here’s the secret:

“Screen Capture” videos are made by using software to capture your computer screen, keyboard strokes, mouse movements and narration to a video file. I’m sure you’ve seen this kind of video before.

The top software on the PC for recording, editing and producing these videos is called Camtasia Studio from TechSmith Corp. TechSmith just released their latest version – Camtasia Studio 8 – and this course will help you get up to speed with all the new features and changes from previous versions.

Here’s the thing:

When it comes to making e-learning courseware,
this SINGLE tool is perfect for:

Training Programs

Tutorials & Software Demos

Product Creation

E-Learning Courses

Membership Sites

Recorded Webinars

You could make video courses for your company or clients for a quarter of the price of the most popular rapid e-learning software. Why spend $1,500 when you can pay only $299 for software that provides the same results?

But there are some problems and myths that keep people from making that happen.

“Video Is Too Complicated and Technical!”

Well, that used to be true but not anymore. Brain surgery is complicated… Flying a 747 is technical…

Today with powerful, easy to use software, you can do even more than was possible with a video production studio costing hundreds of thousands of dollars just a few years ago!

“Video Is Too Expensive!”

Hmmm… yes and no on this one. It CAN be wicked expensive. Video cameras, lighting, green screens, expensive video software… can run thousands of dollars.

Here’s a thought… how about eliminating all those costs? With Camtasia, you can make compelling videos without ANY camera equipment or the complexity that comes with it.

AND… you can get a fully functioning copy of Camtasia to use for 30 days for free while you learn and pay for it with profits.

“I Don’t Know How To Make Videos”

Maybe not… but you know what? It’s just a process and you CAN learn it.

Maybe you’ve tried already and been “less than happy” with your results?

We hear you and completely understand! We had the same problems when we first started.

We know it’s tough because we’ve been there. And we’ve spent many hundreds of hours of trial & error, heartache & sorrow, near misses, close calls, blood, sweat, tears… You name it, we’ve seen it!

So we decided to create a course of all the things we know now… that we wished we had known then.

You DO need to LEARN it first!And just like learning anything else:

  • There’s the Easy way… and the Hard way

  • A Quick way… and a Long way

  • And lots of times, a RIGHT way… and a flat out WRONG way!

Camtasia has HUNDREDS of features but…We are going to butcher your learning curve…You MUST step into the spotlight NOW using video and Camtasia is a tool you MUST have in your business.

We have been training folks on Camtasia with sold out live on-line webinar classes and in-depth video tutorial membership sites since 2007. We have taken ALL of that incredible knowledge and will be putting it together into a LIVE six-week comprehensive coaching and tutorial course.

NOTE: The Learn Camtasia Program is for Windows PC ONLY.

The Learn Camtasia 8 Video Training Program has 4 Major Components:


Of course, we’re going to teach you ALL about the Camtasia program itself but… more importantly: How to understand the PROCESS of using it to make compelling, high-value video content!

Module One

Planning For Success

  • Video Strategy – what are you trying to achieve?
  • The Video “Process” – the step-by-step process we use to get our videos out fast
  • Getting Started RIGHT – the best tools to avoid the amateur look
  • Video Creation Setup – if you don’t start it out right you will end up with a lot of rework
  • System Setup – Are you sure your computer can handle it?
  • Scripting and Storyboarding in Word and PowerPoint
  • Sample Directory Structure – Find your files when you need them


Module Two

Recording It Right!

  • What you need to do to set up BEFORE you Record
  • Recording an application vs. recording PowerPoint
  • Remove all Guesswork when Selecting Your Capture Area
  • Tips for Choosing Your Recording Format
  • How the pros select their settings in the Recorder
  • Recorder Workflow Tips for more efficient projects
  • Recorder Tools Options and which ones never to use
  • How to get Picture-in-Picture (PIP) to work flawlessly


Module Three

Edit Like You MEAN It!

  • Importing video & images into Camtasia 8
  • Basic and Advanced Editing in the Timeline View
  • The best process for Moving, Selecting and Trimming
  • Creating Titles inside & outside Camtasia
  • The Voice Narration Tool – How it differs from recording in Audacity
  • When to Lock Your Tracks or risk losing everything
  • How the Markers feature can be a great shortcut in editing
  • Transitions in PowerPoint vs. Camtasia
  • The best Callouts to use and Flash Hot Spots for added navigation
  • Zoom-n-Pan Effects to remove the dreaded “black bars”
  • The tricky secret to Maintaining Zooms Between Clips


Module Four

Producing For Profits

    • How to Produce for standard & widescreen players
    • What Formats will give you the smallest file size & best quality?
    • What Settings are best for your blog vs. a video sharing site?
    • Time Saving Tips to create custom Production Presets
    • Producing For YouTube
    • Production Settings in Plain English – Finally “get” the difference between all the file types and settings
    • Camtasia 8 Production Presets and how they differ

Module Five

Sharing and Embedding Videos

    • Choosing the best Video Sharing Sites
    • Embedding Video in a blog and traditional web site
    • Saving money by hosting your videos on Amazon S3
    • How to be sure you are Getting Views & Traffic for your marketing video
    • Free access to our YouTube Embed Code Customizer
    • How to create an IFRAMEs Video
    • The exact code to show your video in a pop-out Lightbox

Module Six

CD/DVD Creation & Web Menus

  • Using Camtasia 8 to Record and Edit a Webinar
  • Creating a CD with the Camtasia MenuMaker
  • Reproducing and Packaging Your Product
  • Creating DVD Covers
  • DVD Testing Checklist

How about starting with the sample video we showed you above? It isn’t just a great example… it is a Project with SOURCE files (when applicable) that you can import and follow along with detailed, step-by-step video instructions on EXACTLY how it was created to quickly make your own customized video.

Training Video Sample Project


  • How to create a script and how script writing differs from any other type of writing

  • Creating a branded template for your company and how to use a stylesheet for consistency

  • How to put all the Modules in a table of contents and then link to external documents to provide additional resources

  • Adding Quizzes & Surveys and sending scores to e-mail or an LMS

Live Screencast Video Coaching – Weekly sessions for a full 8 weeks

Every Tuesday

Use this time to ask us questions about Camtasia or anything you are having trouble with.

And we’ll critique your videos created during the training program to fast track you to success.

This is like getting an extra 8 hours each month of training. No other screencasting or Camtasia course offers this type of instructor interaction on a weekly basis. You will also learn new, cutting edge strategies that we have just started using and get access to resources you can’t find anywhere else.

All sessions are recorded so you can review anytime. This is a HUGE benefit to help get your projects done fast.


Private Access to the Camtasia Coaching Facebook Group

Interact with others and ask questions!

See what other students are doing, ask questions, post your videos, and collaborate with ALL Learn Camtasia users (past & present) in our private interactive social networking site.

Also available in the Camtasia Coaching Group:

  • Student videos with our detailed critiques – learn exactly how to take an OK video and turn it into something amazing

  • Job postings for Virtual Assistants

  • Opportunities for networking and joint ventures

  • Additional resources for video production

  • On the fly trouble shooting when you need it


The Learn Camtasia 8 Video Training Program brings the power and benefits of screencast videos to ALL of your online business efforts by giving you the training AND consulting you need:

Cut through all of the confusion and bring you up to speed quickly so you don’t waste your time…

Show you step-by-step how the pros use Camtasia and how to avoid the common mistakes almost every new user makes…

Gives you direct access to two of the top Camtasia experts to guide you and help get YOUR projects done the right way… fast!

Case Studies

Denis Reggie

Denis Reggie is a world class wedding photographer who wanted to start teaching his skill with lighting and composition on line.

After taking the Camtasia Coaching Denis was able to gain additional income creating on-line videos critiquing students’ work.

He is now getting ready to open his membership site where he will be dripping out video tutorials on a monthly basis and creating a nice passive income for himself for years to come!


Paul and Layne

Paul and Lane Cutright have run relationship and communication seminars for years.

They have, in the last couple of years, decided to move into the world of video and, after working with Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen are making much higher quality screencast videos to create marketing messages for their sales pages and behind-the scenes video tours of their membership site increasing their signups and their reach on the web.


Steve G JonesSteve G Jones

Steve G. Jones is one of the most widely known and respected hypnotherapists in the world. His vision was to create multiple training courses using PowerPoint and Camtasia to teach people how to become better coaches.

Using content he had delivered many times during his live speaking engagement along with new PowerPoint slides and using the techniques he learned in the Learn Camtasia program he was able to create two levels of training videos for his product line and is now selling those from his website. .

Michelle Schoen

After receiving an MS in Instructional Design, Michelle has developed E-learning and Webinars for Fortune 500 Companies such as IBM, AT&T and Kimberly Clark. She is better known as the Virtual Assistant Demo Girl and specializes in helping her clients create compelling on-line videos and demos.

In addition, Michelle teaches Video, Podcasting and Screencasting skills to Virtual Assistants and coaches and loves empowering people to have fun while creating their own tutorials and marketing videos.

Lon Naylor

Lon specializes in video marketing using Camtasia screencast software and is regarded as one of the top experts in this field by some of the most famous names in Internet Marketing today. His successful ScreencastProfits.com membership site and products set the standard for high quality, highly effective sales and marketing videos using Camtasia and other top tools.

A 30 year veteran of the computer industry and “retired” senior Microsoft engineer, his goal is to “Rid the world of lousy Camtasia marketing videos.”

LearnCamtasia is listed in TechSmith’s Directory of Camtasia Studio Recommended Training Providers. TechSmith only lists training providers who they are confident will do a great job and provide excellent service.


Today, when screencasters like:

Instructional Designers E-Learning Specialists
Teachers Coaches
Authors And many, many others…

…need advice on how to make better videos… they call us.

We’re not saying all this to brag, but simply to illustrate that we’ve been around the block a few times! We’ve spent thousands of hours “figuring things out” and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the art & science of making great Camtasia videos that others have come to depend on for results.And now… so can you!


Bonus20+ Hours of Recorded Demos and FAQ Sessions With Our Students

Here is just a sample of what you will learn in these bonus videos:

  • How to choose the best pocket video camera to work with your screencast

  • How to use Audacity to get even better audio quality

  • Creating your sales letters to sell your videos

  • The best places to upload videos to offer them for sales

  • How to convert your articles and autoresponder messages into videos

  • Using free software as a prompter when recording webcam videos

  • The step by step process to break down the tasks in a procedure to teach it correctly

  • How tell the difference between a great screencast and a poor one

  • Tips to remove backgrounds from your PowerPoint images

  • Process for marketing a “How to” video

  • Finding Voice narration for your video for a great price

  • Repurposing your vides into Articles and Podcasts

  • Preparing for a career as a training specialists (Instructional Designer)

  • Where to find great Royalty Free music for your video Intros and Outros

  • and much, much more.


BonusEasy Amazon S3

Easy Amazon S3

Tired of worrying about bandwidth and disc space on your hosting server? Why not get an unlimited amount of space for just pennies compared to what you are paying now? This video walks you step by step through the process of setting up your Amazon S3 account.


We’re Not Done Yet…

BonusTemplates, Templates, and More Templates

Everyone loves templates and checklists, so we’ve got some to make your job easier


  1. Project Management Templates- use these to make your project go smoothly or to manage a team

  2. E-learning templates to simply plug n play your content showing you the exact flow for a typical training course

  3. Style templates to be sure you use the same fonts and styles throughout your video

  4. Video planning templates to help you confirm your goals, target audience and objectives for the lessons in a video tutorial

  5. Storyboard and script templates adapted from the best in the business

“Learn On-line Video From the Best”

You know there are a lot of exciting things going on in marketing today; Social Media, Mobile Reach, just to name a couple, but the one that started it all and that continues to dominate today is is on-line video.

And when it comes to video there is one tool, that literally every top marketer you can think of uses for just about every aspect of their business from squeeze pages to sales to creating products. You name it – this does it! And the tool is Camtasia Studio – the video screen capture software.

No camera needed, no complex lighting, no difficult editing. With Camtasia software you can quickly and easily create compelling and highly effective video content like the pros use. In fact, you’ve seen me use it hundreds of times.

I love it, I depend on it and I’ve made A LOT of money with it. And the best way to get really great at learning how to use it is to learn from the best. In fact, my friends Michelle Schoen and Lon Naylor have helped hundreds of folks, just like you, crank out videos that will knock your socks off and get real results.

Paul Evans

“I Highly Recommend Camtasia Training”

Camtasia is not an easy tool to master without some hands on training. Michelle was able to show me step by step how to create my own demos and tutorials through live-interactive sessions. Wow! After just two sessions I was already creating my own videos for my coaching site members. And what was great is that I never had to wait for the next class for my questions to be answered. If I was stuck on something complex, she was always able to walk me through it at my specific moment of need. I highly recommend Michelle’s Camtasia training classes to anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly and affordably.

Mike Litman

“I’m Able to Create My Own Marketing Videos”

This training program has opened up a new area of service for me to provide my clients AND it has enabled me to be able to create my own marketing videos for my own business. I like to be shown how to do things and the webinar was a great format. Lon’s “homework” video was especially helpful and I’ve watched it many times.

The benefit of this program is that I really did “learn Camtasia fast”. I loved this class and will be the first in line to take an advanced class if one should be offered in the future.

Shari Sultana

“It Was the Jump Start I Really Needed”

I have had Camtasia for a while and was slightly intimidated trying to learn it on my own. With Michelle and Lon’s training program, I am now set to create professional videos for my clients and my own business. I feel like it was the jump start I really needed. Not only did they teach the basics, but we learned some ‘inside tricks’ to really take our videos to the next level and make them more professional (less amateurish).

Deborah Davis

“The Training Far Exceeded My Expectations”

I came away from this training program with so much information. I can’t even imagine how this is going to impact the screencast video services I can offer. In only two sessions, I learned tips that I was able to incorporate into a project that I was working on in my own business. The difference that it made in the final project was unbelievable. With all the tools I have now at my disposal, I know my videos are going to be great!

The training that I received far exceeded my expectations because the training didn’t just end with each class session. The access to Lon’s Screencast For Profits membership site with all his videos and tools has been invaluable. Michelle and Lon make a great team. They enhanced this course with a touch of humor and a true desire to give of themselves.

Donna Arnlund

“Camtasia is Giving Me the Means to Make Money”

Thanks to this class, I broke through the fear barrier and discovered that Camtasia isn’t as scary as I thought. Before the Camtasia training course, I just knew Vegas and was prepared to do everything in it: taking screen shots and zooming in, adding comments… very time consuming. I’m now finding that Camtasia does most of this more effectively and quickly.

I am now able to work on videos for selling affiliate products in my own business. I feel like Camtasia is giving me the means to make money in affiliate marketing that I wasn’t previously able to do. It gives me the appropriate tool to translate ideas in my head into videos. By taking this course, I learned what would have taken me probably years to uncover. Camtasia is an incredibly powerful piece of software and these two experts coached me to where I got lift off!

Usuff Omar

“Click on the video below to watch my review of Lon & Michelle’s course…”

Chel Bautistachelbautista.com

The question is…

How much would it be worth for you to be able to effectively harness the power of video creation to take your business to the next level of growth and success?

Our goal is to make the course as financially reasonable and accessible to as many people as possible given the timely nature of this kind of training.

We’ve priced this program at $397 for the entire series. (We believe each session on its own could be priced at that level – or even higher!) The tips, tools and techniques you will gain in this program will be immediately translated into visibility, credibility and revenue for your business.

Discover how to use video as a powerful tool to accelerate your objective, whether it be in sales, opt-ins, services for clients, or just to get noticed! Come with us and we’ll show you how to take advantage of this incredible technology for successful online video campaigns.


We are absolutely certain that the Learn Camtasia Video Course will be an immensely valuable step forward for you and your business. So go through the entire “Learn Camtasia” Training. If you do not honestly feel that this training delivers the kind of results you are looking for, then we insist on giving your money back. If after actively participating in and completing the “Learn Camtasia” Course, you think we’ve failed to give you the kind of specific roadmap to success with videos that you are seeking — We want to hear about it. Simply send your request within 30 days to our Help Desk with an optional short note explaining what your results were with the course and you will receive a prompt refund.

Windows PC ONLY

Learn Camtasia 8 Video Course

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BONUS – Purchasing the Learn Camtasia Video Course will automatically give you access to training and coaching for Camtasia Studio Versions 7 and 8 (software not included).