Morgan Freeman Video Voice-Over

How would you get a famous voice actor like Morgan Freeman to narrate your video?

Simple! Ummm…you wouldn’t BUT…you can fake it.

Here’s how I implemented a cool concept from Video Genesis that Andy Jenkins did:

Pretty sweet, eh?

This video tutorial is cut from my Video Genesis Workshop Bonus Webinars. You can see the details here:

==> Lon’s Video Genesis Bonus

Oh…and here’s another idea I swiped from Andy. The lovely and talented Anthony Vincent! Also from

BUT…sadly, this bonus ends July 23rd at Midnight (Hawaii Time) so…sorry if you missed it. 🙁

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Lon Naylor


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  1. jay merle
    4 years ago


    I’d like to talk about using your Freeman voice for a little
    video we are putting together. It’s a silly thing our friends
    do for our “best new friend” of the year. We have a video
    with some candidates that we would like Freeman to
    read a script for. Video is only a couple of mins.. with likely
    400-800 words…
    Let me know if this is of interest to you..

    Jay from Canada

    • Lon Naylor
      4 years ago

      Hi Jay,

      It’s not my voice. I outsourced it to a guy on
      You can go there and do a search for “morgan freeman” and find several talents to choose from.


  2. john
    2 years ago

    As soon as you said Fiverr I paused the video and stopped watching. Com’on now don’t you have anything free? I am on a very restricted shoestring budget here and although I know Fiverr only costs $5 I can pay for every voice over I need to make and I have tons of them to get through. I was looking for a website where I could just type what I wanted to say and have it come out in Morgan Freemans voice. Either that or a free program where I could record my voice and use some filter to change it to Morgan Freemans voice, Any ideas?

    • Lon Naylor
      2 years ago

      You want someone to do a free celebrity voice-over for you? Let me know if you find that. 😉

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