Affiliate Center

Welcome! If you are new to affiliate marketing, you will probably want to check out the video in the Affiliate Training section. Otherwise, visit the Affiliate Tools area to get started promoting our products and earning potential commissions!

1st – In the Affiliate Tools area, find the product you wish to promote to your people.
2nd – Enter your affiliate ID in the Set ID box. This will automatically insert it in the affiliate link you will need to use to be “cookied” and get credit for any referrals.
3rd – Click on the tab for the type of tool you would like to use. There are several options such as social media updates, emails and images.
4th – Add the code, image or whatever tool you have chosen to your website, emails, etc.

Here you will find your main affiliate link and your affiliate statistics

Training on what affiliate marketing is, how to use our tools, promotion tips, tricks and strategies

Affiliate tools (banners, emails, blog posts, social media updates) to help you make more commissions promoting Learn Camtasia products