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January 2018

Bi-Weekly Video Update – 01/15/18

It’s Lon Naylor with a couple of handy Camtasia editing tips.

On the Blog:

Turning Your Cursor OFF & ON
Have you ever found yourself waving your mouse around like a humming bird on crack during a recording?

When working with screen capture recordings in Camtasia 9, sometimes it is very useful to be able to turn the captured cursor OFF.

Handy… but at some point, you probably need to turn the cursor back ON to show movement, clicks, etc.

This is really easy to do… IF you know how!

Just one more little tip for your Camtasia editing toolbox. ­čśë


NEW On my YouTube Channel:

Here’s a handy free tool for your Camtasia 9 Library to help you create YouTube “End Screens”.

It will help you lay out any text boxes, images, callouts, etc. while keeping your “Watch Next Video” and Subscribe Button inside the End Screen “Safe Zone”.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain the basics of End Screens and how I use this little guide to create reusable drag-n-drop assets for your YouTube videos.

TUTORIAL & LIBRARY ASSET ==> YouTube “End Screen” Guide

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Bi-Weekly Video Update – 01/30/18

It’s Michelle and we have another video newsletter for you today. This week you can listen to an interview with my former coaching student and entrepreneur Julie Choo and get access to a free┬á online Photoshop editor to use with all those cool templates.

On the Blog:

Sometimes when I’m starting something new (I’m dabbling in abstract art painting these days) it really helps if I can learn from people who are a few steps ahead of me. They don’t have to have achieved huge success (like be in a well known gallery) but they need to be moving forward doing the kind of work I want to be doing.

This week, in a departure from my normal blogposts, I’d like to offer you the same opportunity (but in the screencast video niche).

So jump on the treadmill and fire up my 40 minute audio interview Entrepreneur and video course creator Julie Choo.





READ MORE on the blog==>


Since we use a lot of images in our videos anything that gives us access to good free images, and the ability to edit them in new ways, is a plus. So when I opened one of my favorite newsletters (Bill Myers Tip of the Week) and saw his tutorial about a free online Photoshop image editor I wanted to see if it would work for me.

I don’t actually use Photoshop or own it but I’ve always wanted to be able to use the awesome free templates created for it. And now I know I can.

Bill also gives a link to where you can find lots of sites that link to free Photoshop templates.

I’m really looking forward to scanning through these images and using them in my videos.

Hope you find some cool stuff too!

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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