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May 2015

Weekly Video Update – 05/01/15

Hi fellow screencasters. It’s Lon Naylor with some weekend video goodness for you.

From the Blog:

Leverage Cool PowerPoint Stuff in Camtasia
We like using PowerPoint templates for videos because of their good graphical design, animations, story flow, etc. But one of the things many folks don’t make the connection to is:

There is also a TON of “stuff” we can use in many of these templates in Camtasia Studio!

In this quick demo, Lon shows how to not only break some cool stuff in a template apart and add it to his Camtasia Library, but also how to recreate the animation effect so it is always available right inside Camtasia (as opposed to having to use PowerPoint to modify it and export as a movie clip):

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YouTube Announces “Cards”

YouTube has announced a new feature for adding annotations called “Cards”.

These are a great way to get extra clicks, views, drive traffic from your channel to your website!

My buddy Ray, The Video Guy, has put together a really nice, clean, concise and very inexpensive step-by-step set of tutorials on exactly how to create and use these.

Check it out HERE ==> YT Cards Training & Templates

He is including a bunch of nice thumbnail graphics so you can take advantage of the importance of an “eye-catching” image to get-the-click.

A great way to get up to speed fast and start using this important YouTube update!

That’s it for this week – see you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 05/08/15

Do you ever worry about just how much content or how much detail to put in your training videos? It’s Michelle this week and I’ll explore that topic in this week’s blog post plus you’ll learn about a free resource that can help shape the color scheme of your videos.

From the Blog:

Internet Video Production: Sticking to Your Objectives and Goals
I recently had a question from one of my private coaching clients that I’d like to share. He has a series of videos on, what could be considered, a fairly technical subject that he wishes to make simple for the everyday business person. As he got a little deeper into his video creation, he emailed me with this question about the level of detail to go into and whether some might feel that his videos are over their heads.

Read my response…

An Easy Way to Get Your Video Color Palette

When you first start to develop the style for your video, it’s a good idea to come up with a consistent color scheme. And much like decorating a room, you may want to create that them around one item that has several colors already in it – such as a photo or logo.

I recently discovered a free tool called Pictaculous that I can use to create the scheme. I just upload the image I want to base my color scheme on and the tool will generate the color palette that will be used throughout my video. Check it out.

That’s it for this week – see you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 05/15/15

Hi fellow screencasters. It’s Lon Naylor with some weekend video goodness for you.

From the Blog:

Free Content on the Internet?
We had a question come in during the Weekly Screencast Coaching Webinar asking:

“How much do you need to change an image from the internet to be within copyright rules?”

Interesting question and certainly one that has a lot of misunderstanding surrounding it.

The short answer is: You can’t do that without permission or the rights to do so!

BUT there is a way to find tons of content that you CAN adapt and modify for your own work. Here’s how:

Read More on the blog…

PowerPoint Video “Swipe” Templates

Here’s a nice big fat bundle of PowerPoint & video assets for your collection from graphic designer Tracey Meagher.

There are 30 modules of cool “stuff” for your video projects.

Check it out HERE ==>
Vydeo Sensation Bundle

Now… I do like really sweet deals like this (it’s on a limited time launch special) but make no mistake…

Ya gotta know some things to be able to USE them effectively! Don’t listen to all the hype out there about “Instantly create professional videos!” or “Make videos with no effort or experience!”

If you decide to pick these up (or even if you don’t!), check out this tutorial on using PowerPoint templates to make videos and I promise, you’ll have a better understanding of how to really improve your PPT video results:

That’s it for this week – see you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Speaking of PowerPoint video: If you are interested in getting my top tips, tricks, templates, and tutorials on creating video with PowerPoint – Check out my special mailing list:
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No junk… no fluff… just a collection of my best stuff for free!

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Weekly Video Update – 05/22/15

It’s a long weekend for many of us and I hope you are relaxing while at the same time remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. It’s Michelle Schoen this weekend with another one of our Video Newsletters to teach and enlighten.

From the Blog:

Camtasia Studio Tip: Create the “LiveStream” Side by Side Video Effect
Have you ever wondered how video creators get that side-by-side tilted video effect that you may see on YouTube or on TV? For example, on one side of the screen you will see a talking head and on the other side you might see an animated PowerPoint or video of a software application in use.

Would you like to learn how it’s done?

Do you Need More than One Version of a Video?

Most videos should have just one audience in mind: Your customers, prospects, students, colleagues, website visitors, members, etc.

Remember, your video can’t be everything to everyone, so narrow your audience down, and make sure you know why you selected them as your target audience. Some examples of well-identified target audiences:

  • This video targets visitors of my website who have never heard of my products or services
  • This video targets existing customers who have problems with a particular feature
  • This video targets senior adults who want to learn new software

Preferably, select only one of your possible target audiences and make the best possible video for them. If you are worried about missing other audiences, you should consider making a somewhat different video version for them.

Often there will be a lot of overlap so you can reuse many of the video clips. It may be extra work to make two or more videos on the same topic but in the end if it sells more product or trains your audience in a more efficient manner than your time is well spent.

That’s it for this week – see you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 05/29/15

Hi fellow screencasters. It’s Lon Naylor with some video goodness for you. I was kinda "unplugged" over the weekend so this is a Monday Morning Edition! 😉

From the Blog:

How To Use "Quick Tip" Videos
Here a little mini case study on using really short video "tips" for your tribe.

Video is great for establishing credibility, trust, and rapport with your audience.

Sharing what you know, your expertise, insight, and perspective is the basis for all kinds of useful content including blog posts (like this one!), social media interaction, YouTube channel food…the list goes on and on.

But many folks struggle with creating this useful content in ways that encourage viewers to consume it. In this quick case study, I’ll point out a few things to make it easier and more effective.

Check out this example:

Check out the blog for the full scoop:

Read More on the blog…

A NEW Resource Favorite?

OK… this is kinda awesome! For several years, one of my best kept "video asset" secrets have been creations of a guy named Jesse Radford.

I’ve bought his stuff in the form of "bundles" but always kinda wished I could just pick-n-choose the stuff I wanted.

Now… we can! And… here’s the sweet part… for less than 8 bucks for unlimited downloads:

Check it here: ==> MotionGraphicStock

In fact, I used the BOOM Cartoon animation in my Case Study above.

Good stuff.

Next Saturday, June 6th, at 2PM EST our very own Susan Joy Schleef will be covering some tips & tricks for doing Kinetic Typography videos in PowerPoint!

It will be live (and the recording posted) HERE:

Here’s a sample of what Susan can do!

I’ll be there for sure!

That’s it for this week – see you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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