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October 2015

Bi-Weekly Video Update – 10/03/15

Hi, it’s Lon Naylor with video tips, tutorials, templates and news.

From the Blog:

Creating Custom Shapes in PowerPoint
Wow. You can really do some cool custom graphics work really fast using just PowerPoint! I’ve been playing with different techniques for some time now. In this post, I have a finished sample video that uses my custom graphics, and a tutorial that goes into some detail on how I did it:

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5 Videos EVERY Business Must Have

Did you know that there are 5 specific videos you can make that will overwhelmingly help your business?

James Wedmore is one of my most trusted and successful friends in the video marketing arena. Here’s a free 3 part video series that is jammed packed with great info on what those 5 videos are, how to create them, and the mistakes to avoid:

The free PDF Study Guide alone is literally enough to get your video strategy finally moving in the right direction. I know you will love the way James teaches by example and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking these excellent tips & tactics:

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Strategy Update: Leverage Videos With Podcasting

This year, I’ve been researching and testing ways to expand the value and effectiveness of all the hard work I’ve done creating good video content.

A big part of that strategy iss Podcasting!

To do that, I’ve partnered up with leading podcasting expert Fred Castaneda and we’ll be cranking out videos & webinars that explain exactly what we are doing.

Check out: Podcasting For Screencasters Mini Webinar

News you can use to take audio you already have in your videos and reach huge new audiences. Much more to come on this! 😉

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Bi-Weekly Video Update – 10/17/15

Hi, it’s Michelle Schoen with this week’s video tips, tutorials and templates. You may have noticed that Lon and I have gone to a bi-weekly format of our "Video News" newsletter. That way we can occasionally send out "Special Editions" when we have exciting news to share (without overwhelming you with too many emails).

This week, I’ll be showing you how you can make your own unique callouts for your Camtasia Studio videos. I'll also let you know about a low cost webinar series for online freelancers and VAs where I’ll be presenting a special webinar next month. Hope you learn something new!

From the Blog:

Creating Custom Callouts for your Camtasia Videos
Camtasia Callouts are images or effects you can add to your videos to create engagement, add information or bring the viewers attention to certain parts of the screen.

I use them in all my software demos, tutorials and courses. The Camtasia software does provide a nice assortment of callouts both in the Callout tab and in the Library. But there are times when you may want something totally unique. And, in most cases, you will need it to have a transparent background so that your video will show through.

You can purchase png images online that can be used as custom call-outs or you can learn to create them yourself. In the video below I show you how to create an image with a transparent background, in PowerPoint, that can be animated then imported into Camtasia.

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Considering a Career as a Screencasting Consultant or Provider?

In addition to co-creating the courses here at Learn Camtasia, I have been happily freelancing as a Screencaster for the last 8 years. Some months my video services have made up to 75% of my income.

On November 20th I’ll be delivering a webinar at the VAVirtuosos online seminar titled "Earning Your Living as a Screencast Specialist".

My webinar will be held along with 20 other educational online seminars/webinars to benefit anyone who wants to start making money online providing services.

These seminars will be presented over the course of 5 days starting November 16th by other service providers who have been earning a living online and want to help you get started.

The cost? ONLY $37 to attend all 20 online seminars!

I’ve been delivering training at the VAVirtuosos Workshops for several years and highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to jump start their online business.

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That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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