Video/Camtasia Coaching

One of the most profitable skills online today is knowing how to make training and marketing videos and to profit from selling them online.

But, too many entrepreneurs create videos that DON’T live up to their brand or their online reputation. You can’t afford to have unprofessional, ineffective videos that do you more harm than good!

Michelle SchoenHi, I’m Michelle Schoen — Owner of Screencast Video Services and Co-Owner of Learn Camtasia. For the last 6 years, I’ve been successfully creating and selling screencast videos and training products. Although most products came with live group coaching sessions, buyers were continuously asking me for private sessions to work together on their individual needs.

Starting several years ago, I began offering private sessions for current or aspiring video screencasters of all levels who wanted more individualized attention to become more successful with their videos.

Do Any of These Situations Apply to YOU?

  • I am new to PowerPoint Videos/Camtasia Studio and I learn better when I have someone watching over my should, taking me step by step through the software and the process.
  • I have a video project that I have to deliver. I don’t have time to go through all the on line tutorials or they don’t meet my specific needs. I need someone to answer questions about my project and get me up to speed fast.
  • I think my videos are pretty good, but now that I have them done I’m not quite sure about the process of selling them. I need a project plan and a marketing plan for making money with my video training.
  • I’m just more comfortable working with someone one to one on my project. My situation requires just a bit more personal attention. What I want is a living, breathing human to give me specific and precise feedback about what I’m doing.

How the Video/Camtasia Coaching Sessions Work

At first, we’ll get acquainted through email or a 20-minute phone chat so I understand your project goals and can set up the first hour long session. When you are ready to move forward, we will start connecting via GotoMeeting at a mutually convenient time and begin our sessions.

We will spend a total of 4 hours together divided into four 1-hour meetings. You will be working on your own project between meetings and I am available for questions between sessions. You’ll get personal help, you’ll get your questions answered and you’ll get valuable feedback on your video product — so you’ll KNOW you’re on the right track.

Unlike many other personal coaching programs, I’m not requiring a one year commitment or even a one month commitment. Usually we have a specific project to complete and when it is finished, our coaching relationship is usually complete. (Although you are certainly welcome to purchase additional coaching as you require it.)


Case Studies

If Personal Video/Camtasia Coaching is new to you, take a look at some of my case studies to see how I’ve helped some former clients reach their goals.


Chris was in finance. He had taken our Camtasia course and was already pretty good at created videos. He and I worked together on making his videos just a bit more polished, but mainly on creating his sales page, blog and emails that he would use to find his customers and convert them into buyers. I put together a Project Plan that worked with his schedule, gave him access to resources he wouldn’t have known about and kept him accountable to meet his deadlines. Chris and I started meeting for one hour sessions until he had solidified his plan and we still meet for 30 min each week so that I can provide him feedback on his work. Chris is on his way to having his first profitable web based training course.


Cindy’s niche was as an etiquette expert. She wanted to migrate some of her live instructor led classes to be accessible via video. We worked together for 4 (1-hour) sessions. I taught her best practices for converting instructor led courses to interactive, visually engaging e-learning. She learned how to create a Table of Contents, how to embed the videos on her blog and how to create a custom e-cover graphic. She has already got two of her courses converted and enjoys the additional income from these passive online sales.


John created a product database for home builders and architects. He needed both a Product Demo for potential purchasers and Product Tutorials for existing customers. I helped John create a marketing style script for his demo and showed him the best places to find the graphics that would work best. Because John had more money than time, I found a template and used his storyboard to put the video together. Then I showed him how to create tutorials with Camtasia Studio and “watched over his shoulder” as he created the first one. After only 4 sessions, John now has the software demo his reps have been asking for. He also has a series of tutorials on the software features which cuts down tremendously on calls to his Help Desk.


Dana had never created a screencast in her life. Her box of Camtasia Studio had been sitting on her bookcase for a year. She didn’t like learning in groups and couldn’t stay motivated to watch a series of videos. Dana had a project that was due at work and wanted to learn Camtasia in just 4 hours. Instead of breaking it up into 4 sessions, we met two times for two hours each separated by 3 days for her to work on her project. As part of her coaching package, she took advantage of the 4 additional Q&A sessions and our private forum. Dana got up to speed quickly, got her project completed by her deadline and was thrilled with her new skills.


One of my favorite and innovative clients, Bill Kerbox, is a super realtor in Malibu, CA. He wanted to start his new business by changing the way realtors use video. Bill needed to learn exactly how to get video into PowerPoint and how to get PowerPoint videos into Camtasia. His crazy schedule and short attention span meant that one to one sessions were the only way to go. We met at some crazy hours, but Bill got his exact questions answered when he needed them and went on to create an amazing new start-up company that is changing the way the real estate industry gets their listings.

When you work with me, you get more than a “coach.” You get a partner and a trusted adviser — someone who is as committed to your success as you are. And you get years of practical, real world experience with online marketing, video production, copywriting and more. It’s the whole package, all there for you and your business.

I invite you to work with me to create a powerful and creative video presence that brings you even greater visibility, engages your target market and builds a loyal community of fans and paying customers. Now is the time. Video is the way!



“A couple of things I look for in a supplier are trust and honesty, as well as competence in their area of expertise. I’ve seen all three of these displayed in more than ample quantities during my work with Michelle over the last 18 months.”

Nick Hicks

“I had some very specific goals with my videos that I was working to accomplish and Michelle had proven systems in place where these goals were concerned. I knew she’d be able to get me through to where I wanted to be and give me the know-how and resources to be able to continue down the path long-term. Plus, Michelle is just a fun person! I knew I’d enjoy my time with her and have a few laughs along the way.”

Bill Kerbox

“Michelle is very adept at helping me prioritize and gives me useful strategies for getting everything I need to get done without feeling too overwhelmed.”

Chris Moore

“I could tell by being on the mailing list that Michelle was really an expert at that tool as well as the entire marketing process. She “gets” technology like no one I’ve ever met, she’s uber-organized and is amazing at making me accountable to move forward in my project. And not a week goes by where I don’t learn some new video tip or trick that is useful!”

Laurie Banks

“I chose Michelle because I liked her patience with beginners and her passion for video. I always learn something new from her. You can tell she truly loves what she does and is always learning and sharing the latest techniques in her classes. She also has the ability to diagnose problems I’m having in my videos quickly and offer a solution. Most importantly, she genuinely cares about my success. She is a patient teacher and even better mentor. I highly recommend her as a video coach!”

Kathleen Dale

What Have I Got For You?

Most of my clients have reached their video goals within 4 (1-hour) sessions. Based on this, I have created a coaching package that has worked perfectly for video projects over the last several years.

This coaching package includes:

  • 4 (1-hour) one to one sessions
  • Followed by 4 (1-hour) group Q and A sessions (Tuesday or Wednesday)
  • 60 days access to the private Facebook forum
  • Free access to 1 product of your choice from my Products Page

If you still have questions, just email me at to set up a 20-minute “Get Acquainted” session to see if I’m a good fit for your needs.

$397 Coaching Package


I hope we’ll be working together soon!

Michelle Schoen

P.S. — When you work with me, we are going to work through everything you need to make your video a success TOGETHER. If you like, I can even help you decide on the ideal video product to create and how to position it so that it sells well.