Develop Highly Sought After Skills as a Screencasting Video Specialist and Watch Your Income Opportunities Soar!

Do you realize video has fundamentally changed the way businesses promote their products and services or provide online training, opening a huge opportunity for you?

But being able to create and utilize video to its fullest advantage takes time and specialized skills, and businesses are looking frantically for the right professionals to help. That’s where YOU come in! There are a LOT of folks out there who don’t have the time, patience, expertise, or (let’s face it) talent to create effective videos.

They know they need video… and that need is your huge opportunity.

 Over the past five years, while running teaching students to make their own screencast and presentation-style videos, Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen have continued to offer screencasting services to a select group of clients.


First and foremost – it is a great additional income. One of the highest paid skills to offer on the Internet are those related to video production. For many people it can seem complex and intimidating but for those who get the training you will have a highly sought, in-demand skill that pays dividends over and over.

Secondly, it is a highly creative and challenging field. If you like using your imagination and brainstorming ideas and ways to make complex ideas easier, this is the field for you. You’ll have fun bouncing around ideas with clients and seeing the results of your work while building a portfolio that can be used to sell new customers.

It stretches you to try new ideas you can use for your own products. Every time we build a video for a client, we use new features of the software and aim to try out new styles of graphics, fonts and tools.  All this new learning then becomes techniques we can use in our own business either by teaching it to others or creating our own niche videos. If you love learning new techniques, there is nothing better than getting paid to do so.

Thanks to new and easier-to-learn versions of the screencasting software, it is so much simpler now than ever before to start a Screencast Video business. There are so many different types of clients, like authors, coaches, information marketers and software developers that would love to create video for their business, but often lack the time and expertise to do so and that’s where you come in. But we’re sure you have questions about starting up a business like this such as:

  • How do I market my services?
  • How much can I earn and how do I decide what to charge?
  • What type of screencasting software is available and what will it cost me?
  • How do I plan the projects – what are the exact steps for what needs to get done?
  • How do I effectively build a great relationship with my clients so they will want to hire me over and over again?

Given the MASSIVE POPULARITY and interest in video, the timing couldn’t be better for you to develop cutting-edge screencasting skills! So, we are super excited to officially unveil a powerful new niche for you that will create amazing income building opportunities for your business in 2014.

With the launch of the “A Career in Screencasting” program, we combine 20 years experience in both creating screencast videos and working with clients. We will show you how you can offer these skills and make a great full time living working with a variety of clients! In fact, we think this will be one of the hottest niches you can possibly choose as a profitable online business. The sheer number of business launching online products and services is staggering and these businesses know that video needs to be a part of their marketing and training efforts.

Finally, there’s a quick and easy way to learn the most in-demand Screencasting Video skills!

A Career in Screencasting

Career in Screencasting

Why Learn From Us?

Michelle Schoen Michelle SchoenAfter receiving graduate degrees in both Instructional Design and Project Management, Michelle has developed E-learning and software demos for Fortune 500 companies such as Delta, IBM, AT&T and Kimberly Clark. She is a frequent speaker at many live and online Learning and Development events and is currently serving on Chief Learning Officer magazine’s prestigious 2013 Business Intelligence Board.

Michelle specializes in Camtasia Studio and PowerPoint training and consulting as well as in coaching her clients to create compelling online videos and demos. Michelle owns ScreencastVideo, and co-owns the company with Lon Naylor.

Lon Naylor Lon NaylorLon specializes in video marketing using Camtasia screencast software and is regarded as one of the top experts in this field by some of the most famous names in Internet Marketing today. His successful membership site and products set the standard for high quality, highly effective sales and marketing videos using Camtasia, PowerPoint and other top tools. His goal is to “Rid the world of lousy Camtasia marketing videos.”

“Click on the video below to watch my review of Michelle and Lon’s course…”

Jessica Brown -
“Michelle & Lon are best at what they do and that is teaching Camtasia video skills to everyone or anyone who’s interested to learn. They’ve helped me a lot in jump starting my career as a video virtual assistant and for that, I’m forever grateful.”
Chel Bautista -

Each Module will build leading-edge skills that more and
more businesses are demanding everyday.

Here’s what will be covered in “A Career in Screencasting”:

MODULE 1 – Setting Up Your Screencasting Business

In this video I’ll be showing you the variety of ways you can make money from screencasting. You’ll learn what clients will pay for and how much you can charge. You’ll also learn how to set up your initial client meeting, how to write a proposal and come up with a price.

  • Why you should offer screencasting services even if you thought you’d only want to create them for yourself
  • Easy projects you can offer, that use your creative video skills, that clients will pay big bucks to have you do for them
  • How to negotiate a fair project price with your client (I’ve never been turned down with this technique)
  • The variety of ways you can price your projects to beat out the competition
  • Step by step instructions to write Project Proposals and determine the best way to have happy clients who will want to work with you over and over
  • Tips on managing video projects — straight from the mouths of project managers
  • How you need to track your hours so you can save yourself hours of headache and needless worry

MODULE 2 – Screencasting Tools You Can Use

What are the screencast video tools you need in your business that will allow you to create professional results in a productive way for maximum profit?

  • The hardware & software you need to create quality videos that just a few years ago would have required a $500,000 studio
  • Audio Recording & Editing – because 70% of the perceived quality of your video is… audio!
  • Camtasia Studio – The most productive features in the software and top tips to “save your sanity”
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – “Presentation-style” videos are quick, easy, and visually compelling. IF you do them right!
  • Third-party & web-based resources that will make you look like a pro!

MODULE 3 – Managing Your Project

In this video you’ll learn how to manage your video projects from creating the project plan to managing the meetings and the weekly communication with your client. You’ll also see how we make invoicing and tracking hours simple and painless.

  • How to use Dropbox, and other file sharing tools to make transferring your video files easy as pie.
  • Common pitfalls of running meetings properly and how to create your agendas so the tasks actually get done.
  • Why you send regular status updates and how to communicate effectively with your client to ensure a harmonious working relationship
  • Tips and templates for planning so you’ll know how to run each project from marketing videos to tutorials to full blown training courses.
  • How to systematize everything from your status reports to your invoicing
  • Tips, tools and resources to effectively communicate with everyone on your team
  • An essential task you should do to protect your online business from paying unnecessary taxes — do it yourself or outsource it, either way, just get it done for Pete’s sake!

MODULE 4 – Marketing Your Screencast Business

When it comes to marketing your business, we’ll show you how to Find the Job, Get the Lead, and Close the Client.

  • Freelance Marketplaces – where you have a business presence to get screencasting video clients & work.
  • Your Screencast Portfolio – Nothing beats a good ‘ole fashioned demonstration! How to get your work in front of prospects eyeballs to get more clients.
  • Top Client-Getting Tips – How to engage with your market, get referrals, testimonials, and create raving fans instead of just customers.
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing – the BEST advertising on the planet!
  • Market Domination – Be the BEST… forget the rest. Top tips to OWN your market.


5 additional videos where we dive into our favorite tools and answer your questions–>

1st Webinar: Camtasia for Tutorials
2nd Webinar: Camtasia for Video Bios
3rd Webinar: PowerPoint for Sales Videos
4th Webinar: PowToon for Credibility Building Screentasts
5th Webinar: Creating a YouTube Portfolio Playlist

“Cheat Sheet” Process Maps and Checklists

These PDF process maps will walk you step-by-step through creating everything from a project plan for tutorial and marketing videos to how to run your clients meetings.

If you want it all boiled down to “maps” you can follow, then download and print these PDF files… you’ll love every single one of them!

Also, our step-by-step checklists make it virtually impossible to fail when it comes to going step-by-step through the video planning process. We’ve removed all the obstacles for you.

Software and Downloads

Access to the Software We Reference and Demo in the Course:

In this section we provide links and access to the software we reference in the course. Some of the links are for free software, others are 30-day trial offers. But, if we reference the software, you’ll find it – or a link to it – included in the course (and a way to use it or try it out for yourself first for free).

* Free Trial Download of Camtasia and Snagit

* Free PowToon Trial for 30 days

Recommended Resources

Lon and Michelle’s “Rolodex” of Recommended Resources:

This is a list of sites, services, education, and more that we recommend to help you with everything from your hosting to music to online business advice and more. Check back regularly as we’ll update this page as often as possible.

Remember… when you invest in “A Career in Screencasting”, you’ll get:

  • Four prerecorded modules of top-notch multimedia training delivered by Lon and Michelle teaching you how to launch and run your career as a Screencasting Specialist
  • Five additional videos where you will glean further knowledge about our most requested styles of videos
  • Invaluable resource guides, action templates and checklists to help you better digest the training and equip you to deliver your screencast services effectively and efficiently
  • An 8 week membership in the Screencast Video Coaching program and private forum, which will serve as an invaluable social network for you to post your pertinent questions and discussion topics!
  • Action assignments for each module so you can apply what you’ve learned and make sure you can implement it successfully.

Remember you get unlimited access to videos, recordings and resources, so you can review the content as many times as you like. Our well-honed mixture of self-paced, easy-to-absorb videos, social network interaction and lifetime access gives you the best-of-all-worlds support that busy professionals appreciate.

“The combination of Michelle’s detailed templates and Lon’s editing and marketing advice make this course worth several times the low enrollment fee.”
Lawrence J. Clark, PhD -
“This series has been so helpful and came at just the right time for me as I was starting to put together a plan to focus more on video services in my business. Your suggestions, client intake forms, storyboard samples, etc. were all very helpful. I’m excited to start putting this all to use!”
Susan 'Joy' Schleef -
“Many of us are uncertain about what we need, what our clients need, and what the industry needs when you talk about ‘video for clients’. Lon and Michelle show you, in a non-scary and professional way, exactly what you need to begin and succeed in your very own video business. Great materials, low-pressure information, and an upbeat feel across the board. Thank you for this!”
Hagar Kelly -

How Much Does it Cost?

As you probably know, you can buy plenty of Internet marketing training at prices ranging from a couple hundred dollars right up to thousands of dollars. However, because we want to see you offer your screencasting services as soon as possible, we are offering it to you for the low one-time fee of just $197.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are certain that “A Career in Screencasting” will be an immensely valuable step forward for you — one that will help you build a fast-growing virtual business! So take one month to evaluate the course.

If for any reason you feel that you are NOT satisfied with the training by the end of the first month, then simply contact us and we will issue a prompt refund — No Questions Asked!

So take the right step forward and get a jump on the fast-growing
market as a Screencasting Video Specialist…

Four Pre-recorded Video Lessons
Five Additional Pre-recorded Q&A Videos
Resource Guides, Action Templates & Checklists
Screencast Video Coaching Trial Membership

Plus… ALL the bonuses!

Get all of this today for the low cost of $197.00.

Make payments with PayPal - its fast, free and secure!

We look forward to hearing about your success as a Screencasting Video Specialist!

Lon and Michelle
Lon Naylor & Michelle Schoen

P.S. We believe that these new skills and tools will make you one of the most valuable assets your clients have! Plus, these new abilities may even prompt you to launch your own products and build excellent new income streams for yourself!