Mobile Video Strategies For Screencasters

When it comes to planning your video strategy, it’s important to keep an eye on the trends in both technology and society.

Huge shifts in what we do as video creators, educators, and marketers occur when technology and society collide.

In this strategy report, Lon Naylor collects some of his recent thoughts from the LearnCamtasia Weekly Screencast Video Coaching sessions where his hot button topics are:

Mobile Video and Podcasting… and how the two technologies and society collide… and how we can take maximum advantage of that!

In this next video, learn about what Lon is doing to take advantage of these new trends, what tools he’s using and some of his current testing and projects:

Podcasting for screencast video creators is such an important topic that a special newsletter has been created to get the latest/greatest tips, tricks, tools and techniques:

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  1. Eden R
    4 years ago

    Both videos were great and your excitement about podcasting is so obvious in your voice!
    I’m looking forward to watching your journey in this field, and hopefully tagging along close behind you.
    I have a good feeling in my gut that podcasting is something I need to be doing and 2015 is my year for it!
    Cheers to new ventures!

    • Lon Naylor
      4 years ago

      Thanks Eden! Yes, I think it’s pretty interesting! I’ve seen a lot of BIG technology shifts in my career and this certainly feels like one. 😉