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Discover How to Set Up, Produce and Market Webinars For You and Your Clients!

Whether you call it a webinar, a webcast or a web conference… a lot of companies, consultants, authors and small business owners are learning the value of presenting live to an online audience. Webinars can be used for:

  • Training Course Delivery
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Product Demos
  • Q and A Sessions
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And so much more…

Michelle Schoen

From: Michelle Schoen

RE: Learn How To Become a Webinar Specialist

When you do an online event, people get a ton of value, excitement and inspiration from hearing you speak. You are able to respond to their questions, interact with them and adjust the presentation on the fly. Webinars are also a great way to generate income from your audience if you have a product you are presenting for sale.

In fact, my entire on-line business is based around marketing products with webinars, delivering courses using webinars and helping my clients with their webinar production. Through years of practice I have developed a system that works, that I refined using the process of trial error and now I’m ready to lay out the exact blueprint for you.

I’d like to introduce you to the Webinar Mastery Bootcamp. A course for both Internet Entrepreneurs and Virtual Assistants who would like to learn how to:

  • Master the technical skills to completely run a webinar
  • Find the prospects to register for your webinar
  • Get those registrants to show up to your online event
  • Present on a webinar with confidence
  • Assist clients with running a smooth, problem free online production

What Can I Expect From the Webinar Mastery Bootcamp?

In this interactive training program, you will:

  • Learn the top 3 ways to get a big audience to attend your client’s webinars
  • Go behind the scenes to see how the pros craft their invitations and follow-up series without all the hype
  • Discover the best strategy to get webinar registrants on your clients email list to continue the relationship
  • Become a pro at delivering your own webinars for product promotion and to attract clients
  • Amaze your client by learning how to craft a series of “pitch” PowerPoint slides that sell their products and services
  • See how the new Camtasia 8 makes webinar editing faster and more efficient than previous versions
  • Get Access to improved webinar set up, production and marketing checklists and summary sheets

The Webinar Mastery Bootcamp will essentially give you the set up and marketing formula for running hugely successful webinars for yourself or your clients!

What Is Included in the Webinar
Mastery Bootcamp?

Five 60-minute Modules — learn how to set up, edit, produce and market webinars for virtually any type of client

Practical checklists and summary guides — quick, convenient access to all the tools needed to produce killer webinars for you and your clients

Practical assignments — apply and practice what you’ve learned and make sure you can implement it successfully

Unlimited access to webinar recordings and resources — review the content as many times as you like


Webinar Mastery Bootcamp Outline:

MODULE ONE: Webinar Foundations for Success

  • How following my detailed Webinar Plan for every webinar makes the planning FAST and EFFECTIVE
  • My number one Ninja tool for getting great audio. Poor audio will have your attendees dropping like flies.
  • The main two types of webinars and why you need to be doing both kinds for MAXIMUM effectiveness
  • Why choosing the right place to host your replay is CRUCIAL for your business

MODULE TWO: Webinar Set Up and Promotion

  • How to make sure that all webinar registrants get placed on your mailing list. If you don’t get this right, you’ll lose your ability to communicate with them later.
  • The BEST WAYS PROMOTE your webinar. If you don’t get this right, you’ll have an audience of none.
  • My 3 favorite programs that are essential to run a PROFITABLE pitch/sales webinar. And they’re not what you think.
  • How to use Joint Ventures to multiply your webinar attendance. This is how I built my mailing list to over 20,000.

MODULE THREE: Creating Pretty PowerPoint Slides

  • The not-so-obvious RULES OF SLIDE DESIGN: Get these right and your presentations will look amazing – without fail!
  • Where to get beautiful images and how to create your own
  • How to purchase COOL POWERPOINT TEMPLATES to reduce your development time and CREATE SUPER PROFESSIONAL presentations
  • How to use my free PowerPoint INSPIRATION SWIPE FILE to create original presentations that match your brand

MODULE FOUR: Set Up, Moderate & Edit the Webinar

  • Behind the scenes in GotoWebinar – How to leverage their dashboard for MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY
  • The pros and cons of GotoWebinar (New in 2017- additional mini training added on how to use my second favorite tool: Zoom.us)
  • The ultimate guide for how to MAKE A WEBINAR RUN SMOOTHLY and handle just about any tech glitch
  • How to use Camtasia (or pretty much any video editing tool) to edit out the goofs and produce a FLAWLESS replay

MODULE FIVE: How to Repurpose a Webinar & Market Your Webinar Services

  • My best tips for webinar producers working with YouTube, Amazon S3 and Screencast.com
  • Five easy ways to REPURPOSE YOUR MARKETING WEBINARS for maximum visibility. Set these up on AUTOPILOT and grow your subscribers every day.
  • My most important tips for entrepreneurs on working with a Webinar Assistant
  • My number One NINJA SECRET TO MARKET YOURSELF AS A WEBINAR ASSISTANT and earn great money while getting free training

Plus, you will also get access to these five awesome BONUSES:

  • Bonus #1: (PDF Report) How to Transcribe and Re-Purpose Your Webinar Content
  • Bonus #2: (PDF Report) “Presenting You” Webinar Delivery Report to give away to potential clients
  • Bonus #3: (PDF Report) Webinar Action Plan
  • Bonus #4: (Course with Video Tutorials) How to Use Amazon S3
  • Bonus #5: (Membership) Access to Camtasia Coaching Private Facebook Group

“As a recently certified Virtual Event Specialist I’m excited about landing my first client. Yesterday I was contacted by a company in France that provides language training. They were looking for someone to help them create training videos and came across my website. We will be starting work soon. I will also be helping a pastor do a teaching series using virtual events and today my aesthetician asked me to help her create a short video for her upcoming skin care training. Thanks for the superb training that made these opportunities possible”
Carlana Charles, Ciboney Virtual Solutions
“This training was the answer in my quest to find a new niche for my business. I wanted to provide technical assistance for clients who wanted to use multimedia in their marketing efforts, but I wasn’t sure how to explain these new service offerings. Not only is there now an explanation and title for what I do, I feel the Virtual Event Specialist hands-on assignments were timely and useful. I immediately felt that I could implement what I learned.”
Carla Wilson
“Wow, a big thanks to Michelle for this wonderful course. I believe this course is going to be a game-changer in every VA business, because it lets you discover “this is the missing link all along” in your business, and makes you take a step back to rethink how you need to re-structure your VA business, let go of what is not honestly working and embrace something that is creative, make you an expert, build self-confidence, thought leader and instead of running after clients, they’ll be will running after you for your services and content because they don’t know the technology know-how yet.”
Topsie Egbetokun, African Virtual Assistants Network (Afrivan)
“Michelle delivers on what she promises. She is generous with her admirable knowledge and prepares you for whatever topics she is teaching about.”
Marcia Berkey


Meet Your Webinar Mastery Bootcamp Instructor


Michelle Schoen is the current instructor of the popular Virtual Event Specialist Training Program. She’s a very successful Virtual Event Specialist and Webinar Trainer. With her Masters degree in Instructional Design and extensive hands-on experience with virtual venues, Michelle is the best qualified person I know to lead you through the technical setup, implementation and marketing of webinars.


“Michelle Schoen not only knows what she is talking about – she has the ability to TEACH it! She knew exactly what I needed to get started producing screencasts. I am so thrilled to have Michelle as part of my team! If you want results and want to enjoy the process, learn from Michelle. She will get you to the next level of your productions.”
Cynthia Howard, Coaching For Change
“Michelle’s instructional techniques for screencasts and web video are exceptional. I have rarely found a trainer who can create an engaging learning experience with multiple students while managing the technology of online learning. She decreased our learning curve with sound instructional techniques that engaged us in the course.I plan to enroll in any additional courses that she teaches in the future.”
Michele Haywood, MH Design
“​Michelle has given us a lot of valuable information, wonderful resources and bonuses. I’ll recommend her anytime!”
Lindy van Biezen, MijnVA.com


Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am certain that “Webinar Mastery Bootcamp” will be an immensely valuable step forward for you — one that will help you build a fast-growing virtual business! So take one month to evaluate the course. If for any reason you feel that you are NOT satisfied with the training by the end of the first month, then simply contact me and I will issue a prompt refund — No Questions Asked!



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