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So, you want to start doing webinars… That’s smart as they are the number 1 way to:

  • Get sales over the Internet
  • Create and deliver a training product
  • Add subscribers to your mailing list
  • Develop trust and credibility with your followers or potential buyers
But there are things you need to consider. Do you understand how to:

  • Create a professional landing/registration page that also adds registrants to your email list?
  • Solve any tech issue that might come up during your presentation? Think about it, one technical issue that you can’t resolve quickly can throw off your whole presentation and make you look unprofessional.
  • Use the webinar dashboard to answer audience questions while delivering your content and sending out links?
  • Edit the recording to remove all mistakes then produce it at the correct size and file type for people to watch the replay?

You need to make a good first impression on your viewers by having a smooth, worry free presentation. You’ll want to hire a professional Webinar Producer so you can concentrate on what you do best – presenting your brand and your unique content.

Because I’ve done so many webinars, here are some of the things that I have seen go wrong over the years. Would you know how to deal with each of these? (Hint: I DO!)

  1. Presenter’s screen freezes.
  2. Presenter loses audio ability.
  3. Presenter loses their internet connection.
  4. Presenter can’t get on the webinar at all (locked out).
  5. Presenter loses the recording or doesn’t remember to record.
  6. Presenter has a computer glitch during the presentation.
  7. Webinar attendees can’t hear/see presenter’s screen.
  8. Webinar attendees have technical questions while the presenter is trying to concentrate on delivery.
  9. Guest speaker never received or lost login information.
  10. Presenter wants to edit out parts of the recording but can’t figure out how.


Michelle Schoen Hi, I’m Michelle Schoen — Owner of Screencast Video Services and Co-Owner of Learn Camtasia. Over my past 7 years in online business I’ve delivered over 300 Training and sales webinars via my website at LearnCamtasia.com. So you could say I know a thing or two about Webinar Production. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing 157 Internet Marketers and Virtual Assistants go through my Webinar Mastery Bootcamp and my Virtual Event Specialist programs over the last 4 years.


Let me help you make this a less stressful experience.

Below is all the assistance you need so you can just show up, relax and present:

  • During our Initial Consultation: We’ll pick a date for the webinar and I’ll show you how to create a free account on GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting. You’ll get my free “Webinar Setup” worksheet to help you plan your webinar.
  • Before the Webinar: Conduct a 40 minute Practice and Technical Check session where I make sure you have everything you need for a successful webinar. I will also go over how to handle the most typical things that might go wrong. During this time, you can go through a few of your slides or practice your “pitch” and I’ll give you feedback. If you need help improving the design of your slides, this would be a great time to discuss this.
  • On the Webinar Day: We’ll get on 30 minutes early to be sure all is well. During the webinar, I will moderate, deal with tech issues and viewers’ questions and make sure your webinar goes smoothly. I will also record the session to send out to all registrants.
  • After the Webinar: I’ll edit out mistakes from the recording, convert it to an mp4 file for optimal streaming web playback and upload the webinar to your server within 24 hours of the session.

The total for all of the above is just $197.

Need more help? Below are some optional add on services that are available at an additional hourly rate:

  • Set up your account and webinar in GoToWebinar ($35)
  • Create a “Lead Page” allowing you to put all the webinar registrants on to your mailing list ($75 + cost of software)
  • PowerPoint Makeover – see Before/After samples below ($75-$225)
(click image to enlarge)
Before After
before after
before after
before after


Case Studies

Here are just a few of my current and form clients and how I’ve helped them with their webinar needs:

Roy Young is the founder of Marketing Profs and Beyond B School. After several successful internet Starups Roy Young was determined to set up a live webinar program for students getting their MBAs. Based on my reputation in the industry and references Roy hired me to be his Webinar Producer. I have gone on to produce over 100 webinars for Beyond B School which has led to 50+ universities signing up for his webinar program.
Roy Young, BeyondB-School.com
Craig Cannings is the founder of both VAClassroom and Teach and Profit U. Craig has hired me to produce and moderate many webinars for his businesses over the years. This eventually led to Craig hiring me to create and teach his first Virtual Event Certification program and then his Webinar Mastery Bootcamp which teaches both Internet Entrepreneurs and Virtual Assistant’s to delivery webinars professionally.
Craig Cannings, TeachInspireProfit.com
John and Teresa Musser had been hoping to sell their products and books via the internet for several years. They had a huge following on Facebook but wanted to deliver a series of live webinars to promote their products. I helped them choose the best webinar tool, set up and moderate their webinar and create a salespage connected to a payment processor. They now have a system that is repeatable so they can continue to do webinars on their own.
John & Teresa Musser, Aquaponicsand Earth.org
Lisa Grant was my first webinar client back in 2009. She ran a series of workshops in a live classroom several times a month with a variety of presenters. It was time to go global so, with my help, Lisa started hosting webinars and inviting her classroom teachers to present online. I was able to take the time to practice with each of them in advance as well as assist them in the design of their PowerPoints. Lisa’s business now reaches a global audience.
Lisa Grant, Enterprise Project Management Solutioins - Atlanta, GA

These are a few of the ways I have helped people just like you to put on great online presentations. I’m sure you have questions about your particular webinar needs. If so, just call me at 678-469-0428 or email me at CamtasiaTrainer@gmail.com.

If you are ready to go right now, you can prepay using the button below. I will then email you to gather all the details we need to get started.

$197 Webinar Services


Looking forward to working with you,
Michelle Schoen